Quiz: How Many Little Brown Birds Can You Identify?
How Many Little Brown Birds Can You Identify?
By: Solomiia S.
Image: א (Aleph) via Wikimedia Commons

About This Quiz

There are a lot of fabulous and magnificent birds in the world. Some of them have amazing tails, some can sing the most pleasant melodies you have ever heard, and some are little brown birds. With their ability to compose breathtaking songs, birds bring us happiness and relaxation.

Without a doubt, little brown birds are some of the more exquisite creatures on our big beautiful planet. Birds are our most vital connection to nature. Every day we love to listen to them, watch them, wear their feathers, even whistle with them. Little brown birds have much to teach us about our world. Birds play an important role in plant reproduction and indicate a change of seasons. You may see them flying in the backyard and at the park, but can you identify their species' names?

Do you wonder what birds you're seeing whenever glance outside at your backyard? Can you tell a house finch from a northern cardinal? Here's a quiz that will help you dive into the world of little brown birds. Take it to see how well you can identify birds, including some that you might have seen walking in a garden.

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