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Even if you don't live in a mountainous area, chances are you've seen the beauty and majesty that are mountain ranges. The human race is fascinated by these geological structures that tower over cities and seem to break through the sky. They're larger than life and glorious to behold. As a matter of fact, many seek them out, vacationing near or on them. People attempt to climb them and receive a sense of accomplishment and a clear dedication to goals. 

We all know that 70% of Earth is water, but few of us realize that 20% of the globe is covered in mountain ranges. About 12% of the world's population lives in mountain regions. With so much of the world taking on high-altitude lifestyles, you should know a thing or two about the mountains around the world.

It can be difficult to remember the name of every mountain range around the world. With that said, you don't have to be a geography expert to pass this quiz. When you scroll down, you will find questions about 35 mountain ranges, and we'll be really impressed if you can name 15 of them. What are you waiting for? Let's see if you can reach the summit in under five minutes.

Do you know the name of the mountain range that edges up to America's Pacific coast?

The mountainous region of America's Pacific Northwest has both volcanic peaks and non-volcanic peaks. However, there are several volcanoes in this region, many of them active, including Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens.


Can you name the mountain range in Asia that is home to Mount Everest?

The Himalayas are home to some of the most uninhabitable areas of the world. Those who attempt to hike up to the highest peak (Mount Everest) have to train for months, and there are still people who don't make it back.


What is the name of the mountain range that stretches through the Eastern United States?

The Appalachian mountain chain is one of the oldest geological formations in the United States. Some scientists believe that it was formed around 480 million years ago. They used to be much higher in elevation as well before natural erosion occurred.


If you've traveled to Nevada, you've seen a brown mountain range. Do you know what it's called?

Many people don't realize that Nevada is one of the most mountainous states by square mileage in the United States. This is probably because the mountains in the southern part of the state are rather brown and rarely seen in tourism marketing.


Can you name the mountain range that separates Spain and Portugal from the rest of Europe?

There is natural protection between Spain and the rest of Europe. These mountains go nearly from coast to coast, just north of Barcelona. With peaks as high as 11,168 feet, there is no doubt that this system has protected Spain from some of Europe's most intense wars.


Can you name the mountain range that follows the western coast of South America?

The Andes mountain range is one of the longest in the world, and it's one of the most varied. Through the range, you will find glaciers, volcanoes, deserts and lakes. Additionally, it spans over seven countries, including Chile, Argentina and Colombia.


Which Russian mountain range reaches an elevation of only 6,217 feet?

The Urals are an expansive mountain range that runs north to south through Russia, and at their northernmost point, they reach the Arctic Ocean. They aren't incredibly high, with their elevation only reaching about 6,217 feet at the highest point.


Greece, Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria are all a part of which mountain range?

The Balkans, like many mountain ranges in the world, are fold mountain ranges. This means that they were created when two tectonic plates collided and made the Earth rise. The Balkans are among the youngest found in the world.


The mountain range that stretches from the Czech Republic to Romania is called what?

These mountains are very woody and contain a variety of woodland creatures, including bears. The Carpathian Mountains are also found in Poland and Slovakia. The portion that is in Poland is considered a National Park and is protected by the government.


The Italian mountain range that runs the length of the country is known as what?

Before the days of advanced military techniques, the Apennine Mountains were a natural barrier that protected Rome from outside attacks, especially land attacks. They were so effective because they are made of two parallel mountain chains.


Which American mountain range is considered a sub-range of the Appalachian Mountains?

The Smoky Mountains, while connected to the Appalachian Range, have a history all their own. Great Smoky Mountain National Park was the first-ever national park that was federally funded (partially) in the U.S.


Which European mountain range passes through Slovenia, Italy and France?

While several mountain ranges and systems go through Europe and some continue to Russia or Asia, the Alps are the longest and highest mountain range that is only in Europe. It is approximately 1,200 kilometers across eight European countries.


What is the name of the Indian mountain range that runs parallel to the Indian peninsula's western coast?

There are several mountainous regions in India, and the Western Ghats are one of them. They are found along the western coastline of the country, running nearly the entire length of the country.


Do you know which mountain range stretches from central Pakistan to China?

The Hindu Kush system stretches 500 miles through Central Asia. What many people don't realize is that this mountain system supplies most of Asia's water, as it is a huge watershed system.


Do you know the name of the mountain range that creates the northern part of the Tibetan Plateau?

If you're looking for one of the longest mountain chains in Asia, you needn't look any further than the Kunlun Mountains. They expand more than 3,000 kilometers and reach elevations of 23,514 feet.


Can you name the mountain range that touches India, Pakistan and China?

Karakoram is also home to the largest and longest glaciers in the world, outside of the polar regions. It goes the length of the borders of Pakistan, India and China and extends into Afghanistan.


The American Midwest mountain range that only reaches an elevation of 14,439 feet might not be the highest, but it's very popular. Can you name it?

America's very own purple mountains majesty actually span from Canada to the state of New Mexico. The highest elevation is found at Pikes Peak in Colorado, reaching over 14,000 feet.


In Northern Italy, you'll find a mountain range that reaches almost 11,000 feet in elevation. Do you know what it's called?

Pushing 11,000 feet, the Dolomites of northeastern Italy are some of the most beautiful mountains in the world with natural mountain lakes and wooded areas surrounding them. They are also home to several geological structures.


This mountain range stretches from Iran to Iraq and even touches southeastern Turkey. Can you name it?

As it turns out, Iran, Iraq and southeastern Turkey have something in common: The Zagros Mountains. This range is incredibly long, and parts of it are in all three countries. Iran is home to the tallest peak in this range: Zard-Kuh.


Which mountain range in Africa is home to the glaciers that are the source for the Nile River?

While we often think of the desert when we think of Africa, there are actually quite a few mountain regions. The Rwenzori Mountains can be found in Uganda, almost in the direct center of the continent.


Between Asia and Europe, you'll find the mountain range that is home to the highest peak in Europe. What range is it?

Mountain lovers probably know that Mount Elbrus is the highest peak you can find in Europe, and it's found in the Caucasus Mountains. Mount Elbrus reaches a staggering 18,510 feet.


Which mountain range "separates" Brisbane from Nyngan in Australia?

Every continent has at least one mountain range, and Australia is no different. The Great Dividing Range is Australia's largest and the fifth-longest mountain range in the world (on land, we aren't counting mountains here).


In Antarctica, a mountain range separates East Antarctica from West Antarctica. Can you name it?

Even though it separates East and West Antarctica, the Transantarctic Mountains range doesn't cut the continent entirely in half. They are more toward the west, making East Antarctica considerably larger.


Vermont is a small state, but it has a mountain range it calls its own. Do you know its name?

The Green Mountains in Vermont helped name the state itself. When French explorer Samuel de Champlain first saw them, he named them on the map "Verd Mont" or green mountain. It wasn't much of a stretch to put the two words together to create the name of the state.


Many Southern Europeans would be able to identify the mountain range that separates the Balkan Peninsula from the Adriatic Sea. Can you?

The Dinarides are also known as the Dinaric Alps. They actually border on the Julian Alps in the very mountainous regions of Slovenia. They can also be found in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia.


Alaska has its own mountain range. Do you know the name of it?

The Alaska Range might be one of the most narrow mountain ranges you can find in the world, but it also is home to the highest mountain in North America: Denali at 20,308 feet high.


Can you name the mountains in Central Asia that are also known as the "Mountains of Heaven" in the region?

You may recognize the Tian Shan mountain range in Central Asia as the large mountainous region on topographic maps. The elevation of these mountains is highest at Jengish Chokusu, reaching 7,439 meters.


Do you know the name of the mountain range in India that many geologist argue can't be considered a range?

While many mountains are formed when two tectonic plates collide, the Vindhya Range was formed with three tectonic plates collided in an area of India. They are a smaller mountain range, with the highest peak reaching only 2,467 feet.


What mountain range spans from Morocco to Algeria and Tunisia in northwestern Africa?

The Atlas mountain range expands across Northern Africa and is made of several different mountain chains. It separates the Sahara Desert from the Mediterranean coastline and has several different terrains and climates across the range itself.


This Iranian range follows the coast of the Caspian Sea. Can you name it?

The Alborz Mountain Range goes by many names, including Alburz, Elburz and Elborz. It can be found in Northern Iran and stretches across the entire coast of the Caspian Sea as well as the border of Azerbaijan.


You'll find this mountain range where Russia, Mongolia and China meet. What is it called?

The Altai (or Altay) Mountain Range is a part of multiple countries, including Russia, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. The headwaters of both Irtysh and Ob rivers can be found on this mountain range.


Do you know the name of the Japanese Mountain range that was named by English archaeologist William Gowland?

Extending only 200 kilometers, the Japanese Alps are a mountain range found on the island of Honshu, the main island of Japan. While their name isn't necessarily creative, it stuck after William Gowland called them that.


Triglav is the highest point of this Slovenian mountain range. Do you know what range it is?

As a part of the Southern Limestone Alps, the Julian Alps are found in northern Italy and Slovenia. The largest peak on this range is Triglav, coming in at just over 9,000 feet high.


Smolikas is the highest peak for which Grecian mountain range?

In northern Greece and southern Albania, you will find the Pindus Mountains. This range runs down the Greece, parallel to the coastline, and many in the area call it the spine of Greece.


Which of these is a mountain range that is in the Central Mountain Knot of Japan?

In the Japanese Alps, you can find the Hida Mountain range. This range can be found on the main island of Japan and has several major peaks, including Mount Tate, Mount Yari and Mount Norikura.


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