Quiz: How Many of These Taco Bell Items Can You Name?
How Many of These Taco Bell Items Can You Name?
By: Ian Fortey
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The inspiration for Taco Bell came from a restaurant called the Mitla Cafe in San Bernardino, California. Glen Bell, Taco Bell’s founder, had opened a hot dog stand across from the Mitla Cafe and every day he watched people line up for their ten-cent tacos dorados, mostly ignoring his hot dogs. Being the kind of guy who was hungry not just for a tasty snack but success, Bell tried to reverse engineer his own taco based on what he’d seen. He befriended the staff at the Mitla and in time they shared their recipe with him. The rest, as they say, is taco history.

From Glen Bell’s first Taco Bell location in Downey, California the chain has expanded dramatically. Crunchy tacos dorados gave way to soft tacos, burritos, Mexican pizzas, and even the legendary Naked Chicken Chalupa that swapped out a tortilla for a flat piece of chicken. These days, Taco Bell is known for having a wide and sometimes bizarre menu that can include everything from breakfast to the chocolate-filled Kit Kat Quesadilla. Some are going to be easy to identify but others, maybe not so much. If you’re a true Taco Bell fan, you are up to the challenge! Take the quiz and see just how many Taco Bell menu items you can identify!

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This simple item has become the most popular one on Taco Bell’s entire menu. What is it?
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This item is the oldest one on the Taco Bell menu and is known to get a little messy. What is it?
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This looks like a taco only thicker, and the shell is actually a fried wheat gordita. What is it?
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This dessert item sounds like it was inspired by a snack from the carnival. What is it?
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This early morning item comes in three varieties that include sausage, bacon or potato. What is it?
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This doesn’t have meat but it does include cheese, red sauce, and onions. What is it?
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This flat, tasty item is cut into pieces for you to eat. What is it?
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This item may sound vegetarian, but it does normally come with beef. What is it?
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These sweet treats are part of the Taco Bell breakfast menu. What are they?
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This item comes with a completely different kind of junk food stuffed right inside. What is it?
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This item combines the cuisines of two different countries. What is it?
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This little guy has chipotle sauce and three different cheeses hidden inside with the meat. What is it?
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This popular item is a mix of a Taco Bell staple plus a favorite crunchy snack food. What is it?
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This treat looks and tastes a bit like a churro. What is it?
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This item might look like a regular taco but it actually has two different kinds of shells. What is it?
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This item looks like it’s meant to be eaten on the go, even though it packs in a lot of stuff. What is it?
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This strong sounding item features nine different ingredients, making it one of the most complex on the menu. What is it?
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This sounds like it might be a healthy menu option, even if the calorie count disagrees. What is it?
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This little item only has one ingredient inside. What is it?
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This item looks a lot like a soft taco at first but also has some quesadilla qualities. What is it?
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This cheesy snack is a merging of two other popular menu items. What is it?
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This hefty item has a strict number of ingredients in the recipe. What is it?
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This vegetarian option packs in a lot of dairy and a bit of veggie. What is it?
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You know how much you’re getting when you order this big item. What is it?
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This scorching menu item goes along with the Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch variety. What is it?
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This menu item is definitely not for a vegetarian. What is it?
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Sounds like you get twice as much food with this menu item. What is it?
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While many fast food places serve fries on the side, this is the crunchy side at Taco Bell. What is it?
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This menu item doesn’t include any meat but might come with a little zing. What is it?
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This snack isn’t quite Supreme but it still has a few toppings. What is it?
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This open face menu item looks like an unfolded taco and it comes with a little kick. What is it?
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This chilly item is famous for its lime flavor. What is it?
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This item adds a lot of heat to whatever meal you bought. What is it?
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This big wrap is an entire breakfast all rolled up in itself. What is it?
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The regular menu version of this morning item is often made with just cheese. What is it?
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This little fella sounds like it should be served right out of the pan. What is it?
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This meaty breakfast variation of a menu staple will hit you with 40% of your daily recommended cholesterol. What is it?
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This fried and salty breakfast treat can be found at all sorts of restaurants. What is it?
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This bowl is a lot like a grilled item on the menu, minus the grilled tortilla, of course. What is it?
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