Quiz: How Many of These Basic Math Terms Do You Know?
How Many of These Basic Math Terms Do You Know?
By: Becky
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About This Quiz

How well do you think you know mathematical terms? Take this quiz to find out.

We all know about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, but many of us may have forgotten the terminology that comes along with these operations. For instance, did you remember that the result of an addition operation is called a sum; that the result of a subtraction operation is called a difference; that the result of a multiplication operation is called a product; and that he result of a division operation is called a quotient? We also have names for objects, such as triangle, right angle, ellipse, circle and square; names for parts of these objects, such as hypotenuse, radius and circumference; and names for the way we do things, such as reduce, express and average. Some mathematical equations may be expressed as story problems and some as linear equations. And, finally, we have names that mean the same as the names we already have for things. For instance, mean and average mean the same thing, sum and add mean the same thing, and mixed number and mixed fraction mean the same thing.

So, if you not only loved math, but you also remember the terminology that went along with it, find out if you can ace this quiz.

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