Quiz: How Many of These Incredible Animal Facts Do You Know?
How Many of These Incredible Animal Facts Do You Know?
By: Becky
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About This Quiz

Are you smarter than a zoologist? Take this quiz to find out.

If you love animals, you've probably spent a lifetime learning about them. Even if you grew up under a rock (like a snake!), you're bound to have picked up a tidbit or two about the animals we share the Earth with. From the number of eyes a butterfly has (monarch butterflies have 12,000!), to the lifespan of an alligator (as long as 100 years), to the surprising animal that can run faster than you (a hippopotamus), animals give us plenty of quiz fodder.

It's difficult to say what it is about animals that intrigues us the most. Is it their amazing antics, their raw beauty, or their sheer example of nature in action? Any way you look at them, animals are fascinating. Every animal has a set of attributes that makes it different from the rest, and we've compiled just a few of them here for you. So, whether you're enthralled by creatures of the land, sea or air, you'll find fun facts and impressive statistics to amaze you in this quiz. You might even learn something you didn't already know.

Put on your thinking cap and let's get started!

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What animal is the largest land dweller?
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What creature can see with its eyes closed?
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What animal breeds so fast that in less than two years they can produce over one million offspring?
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What animal makes the loudest noise?
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Which of the following animals has no bones?
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What kind of bird can fly backward?
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True or False: Rhinoceros horns are made of bone.
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Polar bears have _____ skin.
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True or False: The Tasmanian devil is a real animal.
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Which type of mosquito is the one that bites?
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True or false: Cat's whiskers serve no purpose.
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In the lion kingdom, who does most of the hunting?
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What can't bats do?
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What animal can sleep standing up?
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What critter can live for two years with no food?
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What animal uses its tail for balance?
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A tooth from what animal can weigh as much as nine pounds?
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What creature never sleeps?
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A parliament is a group of ____.
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What large animal is only an inch long at birth?
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True or False: Tigers have striped skin.
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What creature can jump 200 times its own height?
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What animal's heart beats only nine times per minute?
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What animal sleeps with only half of its brain?
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What type of animal has teeth that never stop growing?
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What animal drinks 200 liters of water a day?
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What animal has no vocal cords?
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What animal has pink sweat?
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Flamingos are pink because of what food?
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French poodles originated in what country?
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What animal has blood vessels big enough for a human to fit inside?
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Which animal makes more vocal sounds - a cat or a dog?
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What dog can run approximately 45 mph?
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What animal is white at birth and develops spots later?
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