How Millennial Are You?

Brian Whitney

Do you use Tinder?

Do you eat breakfast on the go?

How do watch sports?

Do you want to go to Burning Man?

Russell Brand is...

How long should people live with their parents?

Grunge was...

Do you like raves?

What sounds most fun?

When is the ideal age to get married?

What would you prefer to drink?

What do you think of a bar of soap?

How much would you spend on an engagement ring?

Someone just turned an old warehouse around the corner into a craft brew pub, what do you think?

What do you think of corporations?

Who would you vote for?

Do you use Snapchat?

How often do you use drugs?

Would you rather do, text or talk on the phone?

How often do you do one night stands?

Would you ever let a stranger couch surf at your house?

Do you like McDonalds?

Would you ever call a woman "Dude"?

Do you use the self checkout line?

What band would you pick?

Which comedy is the best?

Woody Allen is...

Do you ever get too busy to hook up with people of the opposite sex?

How much television do you watch?

What do you think when you are at a bar and everyone is on their smartphone?

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About This Quiz

Millennial isn't just the year that you were born, it also can be a state of mind. Sure, you know how old that you may be, but are you a true millennial?

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