How Moral Is Your Inner Soul?

Zoe Samuel

A new client asks for a quote. You say, "$500." They assume it was a typo for "$5,000" - and say yes! Do you ever tell them?

What animal do you relate do the hardest, morally speaking?

What obligation do the strong have to the weak?

You're offered a massive raise and a promotion but you'll be working on the tobacco company's account. Do you take it?

Your lonely grandma asks when you'll be in town. You'll be there Wednesday for work, but you've been offered tickets to a super cool gig. Do you see Grandma?

Which moral theory do you find most compelling?

You find out that your (male) friend's wife cheated. She's pregnant and it might not be his. Do you tell?

In school, did you ever cheat on a test?

Your colleague has been stealing things from the office. Are you going to rat them out?

You've been given credit at work for someone else's idea. The someone else in question is a bully who once stole your idea. Do you speak up?

Would you rather get a bad punishment for something you did do or a light punishment for something you didn't do?

You check in for a romantic weekend. You were mistaken for a guest with the same last name and put in their huge suite. It's all pre-paid, and it turns out the other guest isn't coming. Will you correct them?

You run over a cat. It's wearing a collar. Nobody saw you. Do you call the number on the collar?

What's the number one way that you undertake your civic duty?

A ghost is haunting your apartment. You hire an exorcist when the ghost tells you it just wants to stay long enough to complete a mission. What mission is a good enough reason to let it stay?

You cooked for your friend and used a chicken bouillon cube. During the meal, your friend mentions that they're actually a vegan. Do you mention the chicken?

At work, it's your turn to make the drinks. Everyone wants coffee, but you want hot chocolate. There's enough milk for five cups of coffee or one cup of hot chocolate. What do you do?

You ordered a $40 pair of jeans and the company sent you four pairs by mistake. Do you keep them?

You and your friend are up for the same job. Your friend has a small white lie on their resume. Do you shank them?

You're selling your apartment. You have the neighbor from hell but they were away on the day of the open house. You have an offer. What's your next step?

After a great phone interview, you've been offered your dream job. You arrive and discover they meant to hire another person with the exact same name! Do you confess?

A beloved mother of six is very ill, and the only person whose liver is a match refuses to donate. Livers regenerate, so they could help with relatively low risk. You find the donor passed out. Do you take their liver?

You do a magic trick for a guy at a party and now he believes you have real magic powers. Do you tell him?

You billed your client for an estimated 30 hours. The job took 40. You know they'd pay but they're a startup and it might cripple them. Do you eat the difference?

Your childhood bully is being dragged for racist harassment on Twitter - but they're not a racist, they just got mistaken for one. You have a huge following and could call off the hounds. Do you do it?

Your friend is a doormat who would give you the shirt off their back. It's really cold. Do you take their coat?

You find a "50% off" tag on the floor of your favorite store. You could afford the perfect jacket if this tag were on it. Do you give it a shot?

You kindly made cookies for the family reunion and now everyone is puking. You realize you undercooked the dough. It's your fault! Do you confess?

You find a wallet with various cards and $200 cash. What do you do?

Your friend asks if she looks good in that outfit. She doesn't. What do you say?

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About This Quiz

Societies have always broadly agreed on some aspects of morality. For example, it's pretty universal that it's wrong to hurt someone and that you ought to try to be nice to people until or unless they give you a reason to suppose that they deserve other treatment. Most of us are not too rigid about the rules; however, we recognize that there are always exceptions. It may be wrong to steal, but if it is the only way to feed a starving child, we would mostly be willing to overlook it.

How we approach morality is thus partly innate, partly cultural and partly situational. Some of us are outstanding people in one culture but might be considered really quite naughty in another. Some of the things people do are criminal acts but are, in fact, very moral. It's even possible for something to be fully legal and absolutely evil; many of the worst atrocities in history fit this description.

A person's morality is a question of how they feel about all of these questions, and what they do in situations where doing the moral thing flies in the face of social pressure and what is "convenient." Are you prepared to look the other way, or will you rise to the occasion? Take this quiz and find out!

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