Quiz: How Motherly Are You?
How Motherly Are You?
By: Brian Whitney
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About This Quiz

You don't have to be a mom to be motherly. Whether you are motherly or not is an odd thing; you might not even know how much you are until you are put in the situation of having to take care of someone.  

You know the type, going along through life and acting like they have no mothering instinct at all, then they get a dog, and all they do is just mother the heck out of it. Later, that same person that used to act all cool and independent has children of her own, and she turns into mother of the year. What is that all about anyway?

What about you? You might think you are the mother of the year, but maybe you aren't quite as motherly as you think. That isn't a bad thing necessarily. Or perhaps you are someone that acts like they could care less about being motherly, and deep down inside you are just a big old softie, that is as motherly as all get out. 

It really is hard to tell when you think about it. Maybe once you get done with changing those diapers, you should take this quiz and find out just how motherly you actually are.

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