Quiz: How Much of a Bridezilla Are You?
How Much of a Bridezilla Are You?
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

To most women in the world becoming engaged, having a bridal shower, and having a wedding are some of the most exciting things that they will do in their entire lives. From the time they are little girls, they dream of the moment that they will walk down the aisle, with their father on their arm, with all of their close friends and family with them.  Most of these women appreciate their groom, their maid of honor, and their bridesmaids, and their weddings come out perfectly, while everyone is happy.

But then other women turn in Bridezillas. A Bridezilla is a woman who while planning her wedding completely loses her mind. She becomes totally obsessive, ridiculously demanding, and drives everyone in her path totally insane until the wedding is over when she returns to being the nice normal person that she used to be before all of this wedding stuff started.  

Now if you take this quiz and turn out to be a Bridezilla, it probably isn't going to change anything, hey it is your wedding, after all, you do you. You only get this one time to have a perfect wedding and to be a perfect Bridezilla. Take this quiz to find out where you stand on the Bridezilla scale. 

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