Quiz: How Much of a City Girl Are You Really?
How Much of a City Girl Are You Really?
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

The big city: a place that never sleeps.  A place where nobody knows your name, but Seamless knows your "usual" and Uber knows where you live.  From the anonymity of the crowd to the hustle and bustle to the opportunity to excel in just about any field, the city has it all.  You can change careers, take night courses in just about any skill or language you would possibly wish, and reinvent yourself whenever you like.  It means not having to live your life by the weather, possibly not having to own a car, and enjoying a broad and deep dating pool featuring people who might meet any need at all, often on very short notice and without even leaving your house.

There are downsides to city living, of course: the pace can start to wear on you eventually, achieving a dark and quiet place to sleep is a challenge, and the rent is usually ridiculous.   Crime rates are higher, it's a tough place to own a large dog, and everywhere you look, there are people, loads of them, many of them utterly nuts.  However, if you are a speedy soul who would like to sleep when you're dead, and you consider it worth paying the fee (bearing in mind every apartment in your dream city comes with a free city just outside it), then you're a city girl.  You're happy to beat up muggers and creeps, you don't want a pet just now (or only a small one, at the least), and you are happy to look past the crazies for the opportunity to meet so many fellow ambitious go-getters. Let's take this quiz and see just how extreme a city girl you are!

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