Quiz: How Much of a Genius Are You?
How Much of a Genius Are You?
By: Brian W
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About This Quiz

Let's be honest. You might not want to brag to everyone, but you are pretty smart. You know it, your friends know it, the people that you work with know it. But when it comes to being a genius, that is a whole other ballgame. I mean, even if you think you are a genius, it isn't like you can just come out and say it to people. So how do you know the truth?

There are a lot of different ways to measure intelligence, and they aren't all things like IQ tests. Some people might score really high on those, but have no common sense at all, while others will bomb an IQ test, and totally slay when it comes to life. Have you ever met someone who is really smart when it comes to writing and language, but can't put together a chair that they bought from Home Depot? Is that person a genius?

But when it comes right down to it, you are probably way more concerned with whether or not you are a genius. It wouldn't be wise to use this quiz to tell that for sure, but hey, you already know that. You are pretty smart after all. 

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