Quiz: How Much of a Geographic Whiz Are You?
How Much of a Geographic Whiz Are You?
By: Olivia C
Image: Pixabay

About This Quiz

So many places, so little time! But do you know where you want to go, swim or climb?

With the advent of technology these days, traveling has become an affordable and reachable goal for people from different walks of life. Before, it was only the rich and affluent who could buy airline tickets and fly far from home, going on to the next destination on a whim. These days, budget airlines and travel sites have made airline traveling an affordable option for average people with average income. That's such a welcome development.

As a result, many people are now interested in seeing new places, sampling new foods and discovering new things they had previously seen only on the TV screen or read about on the internet. As a result, many people are now familiar with the geography of many areas of interests.

Whether these areas are of local importance or international curiosity, people these days have developed a higher level of knowledge, awareness and sophistication when it comes to geography. Some even reach trivia levels in the information they want to store in their brains!

So let's put that trivia and knowledge to good use here, shall we? We'll show you images of certain places and other travel stuff, and you may answer to your heart's delight.

Ready, set, go!

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This wonderful water system is shared by America and Canada. What’s it called?
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To reach the famed Pyramids of Giza, which country should you fly to?
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As a huge, huge country, Russia is in two continents. Which are these?
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When you enter the Panama Canal via the Pacific Ocean, where will you emerge?
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Technically, the countries of Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico are part of which continent?
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A Walk of Fame that honors actors, directors and other celebrities can be found on the sidewalks of which California city?
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Human beings mostly occupy this part of the Earth. Which part is it?
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South Africa, the country, can be found in which part of the African continent?
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This invisible line that encircles Earth in a horizontal way is called what?
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This geographic region includes Micronesia, Polynesia, Melanesia and Australasia. What’s it called?
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This watery marker is known as the deepest part of the ocean. What’s it called?
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If you want to travel to the smallest country in the planet, in which country's airport should you land?
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This continent has no living human occupying it. What is it?
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What is this tallest mountain above sea level on Earth called?
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This super-busy shipping area separates northern France and southern England. What’s it called?
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Paraguay and Uruguay can be found in which continent?
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In which part of California could you find the Joshua Tree National Park?
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This vertical line supposedly denotes the beginning of charted zones. What's it called?
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Greenland, Canada and Russia are closest to which pole of the Earth?
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India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka can be found in which subregion of Asia?
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If you want to converse in the largest country in the world, what language should you learn?
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This South American waterway is considered as the longest river in the world. What’s it called?
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The biggest hot desert in the world is this one. What's it called?
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Spain, Portugal, France and the U.K. are in which part of Europe?
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This continent spans all of the Earth's four hemispheres. What's it called?
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Which Ontario city is the capital of Canada?
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Geneva is often mistaken as the capital of which European country?
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In which U.S. state is Mount Kilauea acting up?
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In which part of the African continent could you find Gambia, Mali and Nigeria?
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If you want to traverse the longest bridge in the world, which Chinese city should you travel to?
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The famed Statue of Liberty is actually being “claimed” by these two states. Which neighboring U.S. states are these?
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Aside from Ecuador, which South American countries should you travel to, if you want to "step on" the equator?
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This Louisiana area is where novelist Anne Rice set her "Interview with the Vampire" novel. What area is this?
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The Philippines, Thailand, Laos and Malaysia can be found in which subregion of Asia?
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This is the only Asian country where the equator passes though. What is it?
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The U.S. shares its title of having the world’s longest international border with what country?
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If you want to see a lake located within a volcano, which in turn is located within a bigger lake, which country should you visit?
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Belarus, Moldova, Hungary and Romania are countries in which part of Europe?
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If you want to visit the Crater of Diamonds park, which U.S. state should you go to?
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