How Much of a Grease Monkey Are You?

Zoe Samuel

Can you check the oil?

Can you change the oil?

Do you know how to tell if a tire needs more air?

Do you mind getting dirty?

Can you remove a spark plug?

Do you know what horsepower is?

Do you love systems?

Do you love to work with your hands?

Do you appreciate lubricant?

Do you feel emotionally attached to your clothes?

Do you like lying on the ground for long hours?

Can you restrain the urge to take advantage of people's ignorance?

Do you believe in being close enough to be practical?

How old did you first change a tire?

Could you do bodywork if you had to?

Do you know when someone is trying to rip you off?

Do you look good in an apron?

Do you own a good sturdy visor?

How organized is your toolkit?

Do you feel the need, the need for speed?

How do you feel about the electric vehicle revolution?

Can you read a map?

Who do you admire?

Could you make it as an electrician?

Do you name all your cars?

When you get a new gadget, do you immediately invalidate the warranty somehow?

Do your friends expect you to help them with their vehicles?

How much money do your auto skills save your household every year?

How do you feel about your car?

If all vehicles were automated tomorrow, would you still insist on your kid learning to drive?

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About This Quiz

Some people need to hire a mechanic if they need so much as an oil change. Others can roll up their sleeves and get greasy even if the engine has fallen out of the car. Which are you?

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