How Much of a Sugar Addict Are You Compared to the Average Person?

Steven Miller

Can you pass through the checkout at the grocery store without getting a candy bar?

When someone brings in a box of doughnuts, how many do you eat?

Do you ever have to inconveniently stop in the middle of something to go get a sugar fix?

How much soda do you drink each day?

Do you put extra sugar on your cereal?

How do you feel about high fructose corn syrup?

How much sugar do you add to your coffee?

Do you ever skip dessert?

What happens if you don't have sugar for a whole day?

How do you feel about cake?

How often do you buy a bag of sugar at the grocery store?

Which drink is most appealing to you?

Do your dreams regularly include sugar and candy themes?

Which kind of cookie do you like the most?

What does food taste like that doesn't have any sugar in it?

How much of your favorite kind of pie are you likely to eat in one sitting?

What is your reaction when you hear the sound of an ice cream truck?

How much out of a pint of ice cream are you likely to eat in one sitting?

What time of the day matches most closely to when you will have your first piece of chocolate?

If you attend an event with a snack table, but there are no sugary treats on it, what are you most likely to think?

Do you need a dose of sugar to help you fall asleep at night?

How regularly do you find yourself consuming a sugary snack right after you just mentally decided not to?

Which nickname for those you are fond of are you most likely to use?

Which sauce are you most likely to use on BBQ?

Which bakery item are you most likely to add to your shopping cart?

Do you like cotton candy?

Which candy bar are you most likely to get?

Do you have to get a Slurpee when you visit a 7-Eleven store?

When they are cutting up birthday cake, where are you usually at in line to get a piece?

Do you ever have dessert at meals besides dinner?

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About This Quiz

Perhaps the most powerful addiction on the plant is that of sugar. Even when we try to limit the amount of sugar in our diets, we have to be very careful. Sugar is often hidden in your favorite food, and you wouldn't even know it! We're sure that there are some of you out there who have broken your sugar addiction, but most of us struggle to be aware of the sugar we consume on a daily basis. 

Did you know that one single can of soda has 39 grams of sugar? That's about seven teaspoons of sugar in one drink! The American Heart Associate recommends that we only have 25-38 grams per day. It's easy to see how we load up on sugar without even knowing it. During this quiz, we're going to ask you about your buying and your eating habits. We'll need to see if you read the labels or if you simply throw your favorites in the cart without thinking. 

Once we've determined the relevant details of your diet and your eating habits, we'll be able to tell you how addicted to sugar you are compared to the average person. Have you beat the sugar habit, or are you still struggling? We'll let you know how you're doing.

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