Quiz: How Much Baseball Potential Do You Have?
How Much Baseball Potential Do You Have?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Baseball stands out among team sports. In baseball, each position tends to attract athletes of a specific body type and emotional disposition. Like in golf, even athletes who appear large or out of shape can find a niche duty in baseball if they can master one of the critical skills of the sport.

Some players are what we call "five-tool" players, meaning they possess speed, power, hitting for average, fielding, and arm strength. A decent player who excels in just one of these areas can find themselves a home on a professional team, the rare five-tool player who masters them all will find themselves on the short list for Cooperstown. 

Self-analysis is difficult to do in any endeavor, let alone something as complex as baseball. Baseball players are analyzed by scouts, coaches, and in 2018, a host of computer software. High-speed photography allows pitchers to see how different grips affect rotational speeds. Hitters can microscopically adjust their hitting mechanics and box placement using motion capture technology. Outfielders can learn if they are consistently making the same mistakes when chasing fly balls in the outfield.

You don't need any such help though. Today, you'll be able to measure your potential as a player and find out where you belong on the pitch. Be honest though, so you don't wind up toiling in the wrong slot!

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