Quiz: How Much Basketball Potential Do You Have?
How Much Basketball Potential Do You Have?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Basketball is the coolest sport in the world. There, we said it. The game is just so awesome. Whether you are playing against your dad in the driveway, against your friends at the local playground, riding the bench on your high school team, or even being a starting player on a Division 1 college team, hoops are just the best. 

In fact, it is so fun that pretty much everyone that has ever played the game has one dream: to make it to the NBA and play in front of huge crowds against the best competition in the world, all while making a ton of money.

But dreams can't go on forever; sooner or later most of us run up against someone that we can't get a shot off on, or someone posterizes you by dunking in your face, and you have to face reality, you just aren't going to make it in the NBA. But what about you? Do you have the skills necessary to make it to the top when it comes to basketball? Or are you more likely to be riding the bench on your junior high team? 

Take this quiz and find out whether you're more James Jarden or Jon Koncak. And before you answer any of these questions, make sure your foot is behind the line.

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