Quiz: How Much Do You Know About 20th Century Europe?
How Much Do You Know About 20th Century Europe?
By: John Miller
Image: William Orpen

About This Quiz

Europe, for centuries, has been a linchpin of human affairs. Its many countries and peoples have contributed to the best and worst in what people can accomplish. And during the 20th century, Europeans were again the focal point of history. Do you really think you know much about Europe in the 1900s?

In the 20th century, Europe emerged from old tribal and royal battles, slowly moving toward democratic ideals of liberty and freedom. Do you know what European arts were like at the turn of the century?

But in 1914, everything changed. A single assassin murdered a political heavyweight, and in one bloody moment, an avalanche of accusations and old grudges came to the fore … and the Great War was imminent. Do you know how this war changed Europe forever?

In the ashes of that war, an unsteady peace settled over the lands. Then, a nettlesome new political group seized power in Germany, and Europe plunged into chaos all over again, but this time, nearly every nation on the planet was affected. Do you know how the Second World War shaped the demographics and politics of the region?

It’s not all gruesome, though. Europeans have created new institutions and made many strides toward bettering humanity. Take our history quiz and see if you really understand 20th century Europe!

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