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Canada has some pretty weird things. One day up North can have you experiencing odd words, food and objects. Even the money can be confusing for someone who is used to regular paper bills. It's a new learning curve for newcomers who haven't grown up with Canada's eclectic array of odd things. But in a good way, of course!

Not only can Canadian objects be very weird, but the places can be different too. Let's face it, not many people get to say that they're going off to see some friends in Flin Flon. Sometimes. Canadian landmarks can be equally unique, also. There are so many giant statues, cool sites and other places to visit as a tourist. They're not all just in the major cities, but in more remote areas, also. There's so much more to Canada than what meets the eye, so taking off into uncharted territory can have a good payoff! One other thing that can't be forgotten is the food. Who can resist a tasty dish of poutine? You can find one almost anywhere, including Medicine Hat!

Have you mastered the weird and wacky things that Canada has to offer? Then prove it by telling us everything that you know about them!

There's milk everywhere, but in some parts of Canada, what odd packaging can you find it in?

Sure, there's boxed and bottled milk, too, but if you visit the grocery store in Ontario, Quebec and a few other provinces, you'll probably find some. To use it, don't forget to pick up a holder for the bag or you might end up with a big mess!


The North is known for its tasty treats, but this one doesn't sound so appetizing! What drink is served in Dawson City?

You just can't have a trip to Dawson City without drinking their most famous drink: The Sourtoe Cocktail. Yes, there actually is a real human toe in it! Did you know that one person actually swallowed the original toe by accident?


Where in the country can you send a letter and always receive a reply back?

The North Pole in Canada has an address for Santa Claus, who is known to live there. Writing to "North Pole, H0H 0H0" will get you a reply back from the famous guy himself. Even though he's a busy guy, Santa always sends back a reply.


Though the name may suggest otherwise, what flavor of pizza is known to have been invented in Canada?

Even though Canadians love their all dressed and cheese, the "real" Canadian pizza is called Hawaiian! In the 1960s, the Hawaiian pizza was created in Ontario by adding some pineapples to the many other rich toppings. It proved to be a success!


The largest totem pole in the nation stands where in the country?

Among some of the tallest totem poles in the world is this one, located in Victoria, British Columbia. It is significant as it is representative of the aboriginal peoples who are from the area. If you'd like to see it in person, you'd have to visit Beacon Hill Park.


Not all currencies can fit in your pocket. Where would you find one giant loonie in the North?

This giant loonie isn't just for fun, but it has quite a nice meaning behind it. It was created in honor of the designer of the 125th birthday of Canada loonie. Her name was Rita Swanson and she lived in the city.


1-800-O-Canada is the country's official phone number. What is it used for?

If you ever need to make an official call to Canada, this is the number to use. It's fitting as "O, Canada" is the national anthem, but the name also fits so perfectly into the number. When you call, you can get information on the government or programs that you might need.


Money is important everywhere, but in the North, you may notice something a little different about it. Do you know what it is made of?

While in short terms, the money in the North is plastic, it's technically called synthetic polymer. One other cool thing about the bills is that they are transparent in certain parts, meaning that you can even look right through them!


What odd and large statue can you find deep in the province of Quebec?

It's no secret that dinosaurs roamed Canada when they were here on Earth, but did you know that there's one that still does? You can find it in Rageneau, Quebec, where a statue of one still stands today.


Canada has an official sport, but that doesn't mean that it was invented here! Which sport was in fact the work of a Canadian?

James Naismith was the inventor of basketball, which really took off! Despite this fact about the sport, Canada currently only has one NBA team known as the Toronto Raptors. Hockey ended up being the sport that really had an impact.


Which unique building is very important to Calgary's skyline?

Calgary's Saddledome is very unique and is in the shape of—you guessed it, a saddle! It's home to the city's hockey team as well, known as the Calgary Flames. Being the home of the Calgary Stampede, you can't get much more country than this.


What odd object that was built for extra-terrestrials can be found right here in Canada?

If aliens ever decide to visit Earth, they can land in Saint Paul, Alberta on the UFO launchpad that was built there. It could be a great place for their first landing as Canadians are known to be a polite bunch of people.


The Great White North is known for putting these on the map! Which unconventional chip flavour is a Canadian favourite?

Ketchup chips found their home when they first emerged in the '80s in Canada. Since then, they've really picked up in popularity. While they're common here in Canada, other parts of the world don't have them.


Which province would you go to in order to find a giant potato?

You've probably heard the song "Bud the Spud" by Stompin' Tom, which is all about Prince Edward Island's booming potatoes. But one thing that wasn't mentioned was this huge potato in O'Leary! It stands proudly outside the Canadian Potato Museum.


It's hard to imagine the country without it! Which iconic Canadian coin was launched in 1996?

The toonie has been one of Canada's well-known symbols for a while, but it wasn't always part of Canadian culture. Before it, Canada used the $2 bill, which was phased out to make room for the coin.


Once an important part of Canadian currency, which piece of money was eventually phased out?

The penny was always used in Canada for making small change, but eventually, the cost outweighed the benefit. This meant that it was the end of the penny as Canada knew it! When paying with cash, the cost is rounded when it comes to where you would use pennies.


Of the following famous people, do you know who has their Canadian citizenship?

Santa is from the North Pole, a place that is quite close to Canada. In fact, this was declared by the Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism. After Santa finishes his trip around the world on Christmas Eve, he can always make it back in time to lay his head down to rest in Canada.


If you have ophidiophobia, don't visit this area! In which Canadian city can you witness a breeding ground for garter snakes?

Garter snakes are one of the most commonly found snakes in Canada, but Winnipeg is known to be a meeting spot for the snakes, which gather in large numbers at a certain time of year. It's not a place for anyone who fears snakes to go, because the numbers can reach up to 10,000!


There are more odd chips than you might ecpect in the North! Do you know what "Hickory Sticks" are?

Hickory Sticks are delicious chips that are sold in Canada. They don't appear to look like a chip and could be described better as a toothpick, but they are quite enjoyable! If you're wondering what flavour they are, it's hickory smoke.


What body part is also the name of a small town in Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan is known for its countless weird place names, but Eyebrow might just take the cake! It's a quaint little town of less than 200 people with not much to it. The first post office was established in 1908 and still stands today.


This little treasure is something the rest of Canada might just want to get behind as well. Which province doesn't observe Daylight Savings Time?

It's always the same time, no matter the time of year in certain parts of Saskatchewan! The province usually sticks with Central Time for the entirety of the year, but if you're looking for it on a computer, you'll probably want to look for Saskatchewan Time Zone.


Fries and gravy is nothing weird, but throwing some cheese on to make poutine can be odd for many! What is the name of the cheese that is commonly used?

There's nothing like a tasty poutine topped off with that delicious pile of cheese curds. Everyone who has had a taste of this yummy food knows that it can also be pretty messy. But did you know that "poutine" actually translates to slang that is used in Quebec for "mess?"


In 2009, what unique Canadian law was put into place?

Canadians are known for saying sorry, but in 2009 this was recognized officially by the government. The basis of the law was that in a court of law, someone saying "sorry" did not actually count as admitting their guilt (if any.)


There's a town in the province of Alberta with the name of something that everyone owns! What is it?

A small little town with a deep history in the province, Mirror has a population of fewer than 600 people. It was once important to the railway system which found its way there. No, it really wasn't known for an excessive amount of mirrors!


Canada has a few unique official holidays. Which of the following is actually the name of one of them?

While this holiday doesn't take place in every single province and territory, it is still a very special day nonetheless. It's meant to be taken off so that you can spend time with your family, something that many cherish.


What unique building could you find in Rodney, Ontario?

This jail is so tiny that it is just 4.5 metres long and 5.4 metres wide. Despite being so small, there were actually two cells inside! They even managed to squeeze an office in there, too. While it still stands today, it's no longer in use.


There are a good selection of odd names for Canadian cities and towns. Moose Jaw is the name of a city in which province or territory?

Moose Jaw is one of Saskatchewan's biggest cities, and gets its name from a Cree word. However, it would be hard to find a more fitting name for a Canadian city, especially one with a giant moose as a mascot!


You've heard of Ottawa, but which city has a similar name that can make things confusing?

It's not a spelling mistake, it's a real name! So you've been to Ottawa, but your next stop should definitely be Nottawa. It's not Ottawa, so you won't find Parliament Hill, but you will find a pretty cool museum close by.


Canada is home to the Trans-Canada Highway. What is unique about it?

If you're going out for a long drive, taking the Trans-Canada Highway might be a good option! At more than 8,000 km, you'll want to pack a suitcase if you're planning on taking this trip. It stretches all across the country anyhow.


At one time, this country was home to the largest Sony big screen TV in North America. What arena was it in?

$17 million is a lot of money to spend on a big-screen TV, but Rogers Centre made an exception for this incredible Sony TV. Unfortunately, this unique and expensive treasure is no longer around in the stadium as it was replaced.


Known as the "Sunflower Capital of Canada," whose painting is displayed on a giant easel in Altona?

Talented painter Vincent Van Gogh might not have been Canadian, but he was talented at creating beautiful paintings. One of those was a famous sunflower painting that wouldn't be fitting anywhere else than in Altona.


What flavours make up the nation's very famous all-dressed chips?

All-dressed chips are a delicious Canadian snack that so many love to enjoy. There's no doubt that you've passed them in the grocery store before, but you probably didn't stop to contemplate the name! Of course, every chip flavour is pretty much packed into one tasty chip.


This is one treasure that does a lot of good for humans and animals. Which area is known for its "nature highways?"

Taking care of wildlife is something Canadians care about. If you've never seen a nature highway, it's a safe way for animals to cross roads away from cars and humans to make it safely to the other side. While these can be found in other places around the world as well, they're one of Canada's great treasures!


Moving over to Medicine Hat, do you know what large item is one of its claims to fame?

Before Canada was home to anyone else, it was home to aboriginal peoples. This piece displayed proudly in Medicine Hat serves as a reminder and tribute to the aboriginal people who lived and still reside here today.


While the rest of the world has bigfoot and trolls, what is Canada's famous mythical creature?

Under the surface of Lake Okanagan, it is said that the mythical creature called the Ogopogo lurks. This is Canada's version of a mythical monster, although there are other monsters said to lurk here. The Ogopogo even made it onto a Canadian stamp at one point!


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