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Horses have helped out humans since the beginning of our time. They deserve lots of love and care from us in return! Before buying a horse, it's important to know how to take care of it and what to do in times of emergencies. The more you know, the better you'll be able to care for your furry friend and keep them happy. So, are you ready to find out just how much you know about caring for a horse?

Do you know the names and uses for each of the horse brushes you'll need? Do you know which breed is the best for beginner riders? Do you know what the best environments to keep a horse in are? Maybe you even know a bit about how to care for a horse when they're sick? All of the above is extremely important to remember to ensure the best life for your horse!

Do you know how a horse is measured for their height? Can you name the steps of saddling up a horse? Do you know what the proper shelters are to house a horse? They need to have their own place to stay safe too!

So, if you think you can prove that you know your stuff about taking care of a horse, then what are you waiting for? Take the quiz to find out!

What type of environment should your horse be in?

Fields are a great environment for horses, as there is plenty of grass to eat and it is easy on their feet. Horses also need a lot of exercise, and fields are the perfect place for them to get what they need.


If you don't have the place for a horse, what is another option that you have?

Boarding a horse is a great option for those who want to own a horse but don't have the means to keep it where they live. The horse will be able to get all that it needs, while the owner can visit it as often as they like.


What do you need to have in case of emergency if you own a horse?

When owning a horse, you need to make sure to find yourself a good vet. They'll be able to help you in times of an emergency, but also for minor things such as check-ups or regular care.


Is it true or false that the cost is high to own a horse?

This is true. There are plenty of things to think about when buying a horse, and the cost of everything is one of them. You have to consider food, health care, and supplies, just to name a few expenses.


What should you provide your horse with when out in the pasture?

Horses typically live in herds, but this doesn't necessarily mean that you need another horse. Another animal such as a donkey can be a good enough companion as well.


What is a "bot"

Bots are flies that attach eggs to a horse that can irritate them. If you notice a bot on your horse, it's important to remove them so that your horse is not uncomfortable.


Which of the following is one style of riding a horse?

English riding differs a lot from Western riding, another riding style. For example, in English riding, there is no saddle horn like there is when riding Western.


How do you measure a horse?

A horse is measured in hands, which is about 4 inches per hand. Did you know that the average height of a horse is 15.2 hands? That's about 60 inches!


What does "gait" mean?

The gait of a horse is a name for its speed. Each level has a name, with the natural gaits starting with a walk, then trot, canter, and gallop. This can also refer to how the horse conducts the command with their feet.


What is needed to take horses on long distance trips?

If you're ever planning to transport your horse to shows or even the vet, then you'll need a trailer specifically for horses. They come in all different sizes allowing you to fit a few horses into only one trailer.


Aside from hay, grass and treats, what is another thing that horses like to eat?

Horses love to lick salt blocks like many other animals similar to them! It's a good way for them to get the salt levels they need to be healthy and happy.


What should you do regularly to ensure the safety of your horse?

Checking the pasture on a regular basis is a good idea to make sure that nothing can danger the horse. Things like holes, wires, or broken fences can be easy for a horse to hurt themselves on.


What is one sign of colic in a horse?

One sign of colic in a horse is when they don't have an appetite. Horses love their hay, so if you notice your steed not eating, then it could definitely be a sign of something going on.


Which of the following supplies is used to protect your horse?

Fly spray protects your horse from bugs and insects that bite. Any animal out in the pasture is sure to attract insects like deer flies, black flies or horse flies.


Which brush is used for getting the dirt out of the horse's fur?

A curry comb is usually a circle or oval shaped comb with blunt tips. It's often made of rubber and used for getting all the dirt out onto the surface of the fur so that it can be brushed off.


Is it true or false that neck reining is a way to steer your horse?

This is true. Neck reining is something that you can teach your horse to do no matter what style you ride. It involves touching your horses neck with the reins to elicit the response of it turning in the other direction.


What is a "broodmare?"

A broodmare is a mare that is used for breeding. Often, but not always, these horses are decorated in a specific skill or activity that can be passed down to a foal.


Horses love companions. How can you show that you care for them?

Spending time with your horse is good for both of you. It gives you a chance to build trust and understanding as well as show how much that you care for it. Always try to make time to see your horse for a little bit every day!


What is a "foal"?

A "foal" is the correct term for a baby horse. The parents are known as the sire, which is the father, and the dam, which is the mother. It's always a good idea to check into who the dam and the sire of your horse is.


What goes into a horse's mouth when you ride it?

Horses have a bit in their mouth while you ride them so that you can direct them on where to go. The reins are connected to the bit, and when you move them, the horse can feel it.


What should be easily accessible for a horse at all times?

You should always have food and water at hand for your horse. They love to spend their days grazing in the grass or chomping on some hay. If it gets cold where you are, then don't forget to make sure that the water is heated!


If it gets cold where you are, what should you have accessible?

Shelter is very important to have for horses in case they need it. It can be helpful in extreme heat or cold, as well as in certain conditions like hail or a thunderstorm.


What goes first when saddling a horse?

The saddle pad comes first when saddling up your horse. But don't forget one important step – always brush your horse to make sure it is clean underneath the saddle first! Your horse will thank you.


Which horse breed is one of the best for a beginner?

American Quarter Horses have a reputation for being all around good horses for the complete beginner. This is due to things such as their temperament and size. Of course, all horses can be great beginner horses if you find the right fit!


What can you do to keep your horse's feet healthy?

Horseshoes are a great way to keep your horse's feet healthy. Shoes can be a little easier on their feet, although going without them for a little while is okay too. Don't forget to clean your horse's feet regularly as well!


Where does the bridle go?

The bridle is placed on the head of the horse so that you are able to guide it. It's comprised of three parts, a headstall, a bit and reins that are placed on the whole of the horse's head.


What is a minimally trained horse called?

A minimally trained horse that is still in the process of learning is called a green horse. Green horses have usually gotten as far as allowing someone to sit on their back in their training.


What will you need to house your horse supplies?

Horse supplies are called "tack" and appropriately are kept in the "tack room." Make sure you've got the space to keep all of your tack when you buy a horse!


What can give your horse some temporary relief while out in the pasture?

A lean-to is a structure that is built for horses to stand under when the weather conditions are bad. If it's snowing, they can take shelter in there or if the sun is too hot, they can get some relief from the sun under it.


Is it true or false that a trot is the slowest gait?

This is false. Walking is the slowest gait that a horse can have. The other gaits are a trot, canter, and gallop, which all have different patterns and speeds.


Is it true or false that all horses must be trained to pull a carriage?

This is false. Horses are not required to be trained to pull a carriage. This is something you can do if you feel like it or want to teach your horse to. Don't feel obligated to, though!


How many different types of breeds are there?

There are more than 300 breeds of horses in the world. A few breeds you might have heard of are the Arabian, the Appaloosa or the Paint horse.


What part of a horse does rain rot affect?

Rain rot is a condition that affects the skin of a horse, but it is not anything to be overly concerned about. While it may be painful and irritating to your horse, there is no danger of it dying as it is somewhat similar to a rash.


When does a horse start to grow a thicker coat?

When a horse starts to grow thicker fur, it is getting ready for the winter season. This means that as an owner, you may want to brush them, but this becomes more important in the spring as they prepare for summer.


What do you need to clean when you own a horse?

Horses relieve themselves quite a bit, so be prepared to clean up some stool. You can do it with a wheelbarrow and a pitchfork, or even a tractor if you have access to one.


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