Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Agricultural Machinery?
How Much Do You Know About Agricultural Machinery?
By: Annette
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The history of agriculture is basically the history of civilization, and it's all powered by machinery, both simple and complex. In this quiz, we'll test your knowledge of ag machinery, with a bit of agricultural history on the side! Let's get plowing.

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Before agricultural machinery, how did farmers do things?
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Today, irrigation is performed by _____ ?
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The foundation of all farming procedures is performed by ________.
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Which of these is used for towing and pulling heavy items?
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What pulls the seed drill?
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Which of these is used to prep the earth for cultivation?
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Which is used to distribute seeds in rows?
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Which of these is used for pesticides and fertilizer?
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Most farming equipment was introduced during which era?
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What is the biggest of all farm machinery?
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What is a backhoe used for?
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What kind of tractor is used for fertilizing?
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Before the seed drill, _____ seeds were successfully planted.
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The old combine was carried by _______.
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To spray liquid quickly, use a _______.
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Before the 18th century, farmers used ____ plows.
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Who made plows, back in the day?
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When was the first plow patented?
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Great innovation came in 1837 from whom?
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John Deere's first plow was nicknamed ______.
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Plows became more sophisticated in the late 1800s, due to the farming of ______.
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What is the term for the practice of planting different crops in different years?
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When was the grain drill invented?
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Farmers traditionally planted corn by _____.
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The original check-row corn planter was replaced by what?
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The sickle and scythe were replaced by the _______.
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In the 1850s, a machine was invented to _____ grain.
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Plows were invented where?
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The __________ built the first simple irrigation system around 7000 B.C.
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The all-purpose modern tractor was created in the ______.
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Around fruit farms, _____ are often planted.
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Where was the earliest planned sowing and harvesting of plants?
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What is the largest segment of American agriculture?
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