Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Aircraft Weapons of WWII?
How Much Do You Know About Aircraft Weapons of WWII?
By: John Miller
Image: USAAF

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In World War I, warplanes were terrifying contraptions – mostly to the pilots and crews who tried to fly them. They were unreliable and prone to crashes, and poorly armored against enemy bullets. During the Second World War, however, aircraft technologies became much more dependable, and so did their arsenal of weapons. Using a variety of machine guns, rockets and cannons, both bombers and fighters created chaos in the skies over the European and Pacific Theaters. In this bone-rattling quiz, what do you really know about the aircraft weapons of World War II?

In the First World War, pilot threw bombs from their cockpits. They even resorted to firing pistols at enemy pilots, with predictably poor results. But WWII saw incredibly improvements in plane weaponry. At the war’s outset, many fighters carried basic machine guns, but as bombers got bigger and tougher, fighters carried guns so large that they were called cannons. What do you know about the high-speed aerial guns of the Axis and Allies?

Sometimes, even gargantuan .50-caliber rounds weren’t enough to send enemy planes into death spirals. Both sides engineered rocket systems meant to cause havoc on the clouds and on terra firma, too.

Blast your way through this WWII aircraft weapons quiz now! Maybe you’ll survive a vicious dogfight, or perhaps your Hawker Hurricane will careen into the ruins of the London Blitz!

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