Quiz: How Much Do You Know About America in the 1950s?
How Much Do You Know About America in the 1950s?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: wikimedia

About This Quiz

Think you know everything about '50s living in America? The 1950s is an era famous for fashion and excess. When people say they love a vintage aesthetic, they are often referring to the glamor and famous silhouettes of this decade. This iconic decade is known for hyper-feminine and masculine attire, cigarette ads, full skirts, large elaborate cars, the baby boom and the rise of suburban life. The economy was booming, families grew and America was at its height as both a military power and the land of opportunity.  

Despite the wealth, optimism, glossy looks, materialism and emphasis on traditional values, which some people are nostalgic for, life in the 1950s was not all red lipstick and white picket fences. In this decade, the civil rights movement began and the red scare was in full swing. Americans began to fight for their rights at home, often facing violence, while tensions with the USSR caused fear in every corner of America. Many kids of the baby boom took part in drills in school preparing for Russian attack, and many Americans who were falsely accused of communist sympathies had their lives ruined. 

If you think you know everything about the glitz, comfort, social unrest and change of the 1950s, try your hand at this quiz! 

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