Quiz: How Much Do You Know About America's Armed Forces?
How Much Do You Know About America's Armed Forces?
By: John Miller
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

In the United States, the military isn’t just an abstract force — it’s a symbol of duty and measure of reassurance in a world full of turmoil. It’s also regarded as an honorable life path. Of America’s 45 presidents, 32 have served in the United States Armed Forces in some capacity.

For good or bad, the U.S. military is the most identifiable face of the nation in countries around the world. Our soldiers, Marines, sailors and airmen are stationed in every corner of the globe.

The military is the defensive backbone and the offensive firepower that boggles the mind. No other country on Earth spends as much money on its armed forces as the United States. But can you even name all of the branches of the service?

One branch is formulated best for land warfare and defensive measures. Another is specially trained for the complex challenges of amphibious fights. And of course, you can probably name the branch that takes to the skies in ultra-fast fighters and gigantic bombers.

America’s armed forces are young compared to many similar forces around the world. Do you know much about the history of the various branches of service? Let’s see if you can do battle with our armed forces quiz right now!

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