Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Ancient Empires?
How Much Do You Know About Ancient Empires?
By: Gavin Thagard
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About This Quiz

Prosperous cultures, conquered lands, and powerful rulers; these are the qualities of a great empire!

History, particularly early recorded history, was shaped by conquest and warfare, as various regions with different cultures and groups of people have tried to establish themselves as the dominant force throughout the world. Though none have achieved global conquest, many empires have managed to dominate large regions, ruling over people with widely different backgrounds and beliefs. Some have been more successful, enacting policies that subjects wanted to follow and encouraging the spread of goods and information, while others had surprisingly quick success before the empire fizzled out because of poor administration and dictatorial leadership.

Many of the empires in this quiz followed one another or were a direct result of a previous empire they sought to overthrow, but it's these clashes that make ancient empires special, that separate them from smaller kingdoms and city-states. Empires needed to spread. They had an appetite that only land could fill, and the ability to acquire that land was largely what separated the great empires from lesser empires.

If you are a history buff and know everything about ancient empires, take this quiz and show off how much knowledge you have!

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