Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Australia in WWII?
How Much Do You Know About Australia in WWII?
By: John Miller
Image: Baker L (Fg Off), Royal Air Force official photographer

About This Quiz

As the Third Reich and the Empire of the Rising Sun banded with Italy to unleash their plots of world domination, the Allies rose to stop them. First Poland and France fell, and then much of Western Europe. Things were no better in the Pacific Theater. Japan attacked, occupied, and then spread its campaign of death and destruction from nation to nation, island to island, and then came right to Australia’s doorstep. In this battle-hardened quiz, what do you really know the Land Down Under during the Second World War?

Australia was part of the British Empire … but half a world away. When Germany started the European War, Australian troops could do nothing but wait and watch. When the Phoney War finally ended, the Australian Army rushed to the scene and became a critical source of manpower in the Mediterranean and throughout Europe. What do you know about the country’s contributions to the Western Front?

When Japan began its onslaught in earnest, Australia’s fears came true – their own nation might soon be at risk of occupation. It was a thought none of them could bear. Multitudes of Aussies joined the armed services in defense of the Allied cause.

Without Australians in the field, the battles of the Pacific may have turned out very differently. Take this Australia in WWII quiz now!

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