Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Auto Exhaust Systems?
How Much Do You Know about Auto Exhaust Systems?
By: Steven Symes
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About This Quiz

Don't get your pipes crossed, because this exhaust systems quiz is designed to create a little back pressure in your head. 

Most people only see the tailpipe and maybe the muffler in their exhaust system. They might realize it transports exhaust gases away from the car, but that's about the extent of their knowledge. If you've spent time underneath a car, you have more knowledge of exhausts than most people. What's even better is if you can draw a diagram with all the usual components in place. 

An exhaust system is a necessary part of any vehicle. Without them, we'd risk breathing dangerous gases produced by the engine, like carbon monoxide, which could flow right into the passenger compartment at any time. Instead, the exhaust system actually transforms the worst of the gases into less harmful combinations. It also transports the gases to the very end of the vehicle, where they can flow out and away from you and your loved ones. 

Do you have the layout and function of car exhaust systems down? Test your knowledge right now with this quiz! 

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