Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Baseball's World Series Winning Teams?
How Much Do You Know About Baseball's World Series Winning Teams?
By: John Miller
Image: FlyingHellFish99

About This Quiz

You can play baseball for a long, long time and never win a World Series – just ask the Chicago Cubs about that one. Any idea how long the infamous Cubby Curse lasted? Other teams, though, like the Yankees, seem to win the Major League Baseball championship every two or three years. Do you remember the last time they won consecutive championships?

The World Series isn’t just any title series. It’s the culmination of spring training, long summer games, and frantic fall playoff runs. It’s also the crowning achievement in what’s often called “America’s favorite pastime.” Do you recall the last time a team from America’s Heartland nabbed the title?

Not every team gets to share in the glory of a major league title. We’re looking at you, Seattle fans. Do you know which other teams have been blanked in their chase for baseball immortality?

How much do you really remember about the clubs that have seized the Series? Can you name the teams that have won more titles than anyone else? Step up to the plate and take a swing at our World Series quiz. We’ll soon see if you can pick the champions from the major league losers.

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