Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Batteries?
How Much Do You Know About Batteries?
By: John Miller
Image: wikimedia

About This Quiz

Imagine, if you will, a world without batteries. To start your, car perhaps you’d have to turn a massive hand crank. You’d never be able to listen to music on your morning run. That fancy smartphone you have? In order to make it work, you’d need to carry a power cable with you everywhere, plugging in each time you wanted to send a text or play “Flappy Bird.” And that’s all just for starters. Our modern world would look very different without those little powerhouses that make our gadgets go. In this electrifying quiz, what do you really know about batteries?

From lights to electronics to motor vehicles and much more, batteries are simply an integral part of human civilization – if these advanced power cells didn’t exist, our homes and cities would look different in a plethora of ways. Do you know when history of batteries began? Was it way back in the 1600s … or are batteries a more modern phenomenon?

The first batteries were predictably primitive. Even the inventors who made them weren’t quite sure about the mysterious processes that were occurring inside their fantastic experiments. Do you know the scientists who made the first batteries, and how they learned to improve on previous designs?

Battery technologies themselves have changed dramatically and branched into various industries over the decades. Those that were common 100 years ago look very different than the lithium-ion magic we see today. 

Power your way through this battery quiz now! Maybe you’ll turbo-charge through all of the questions, or maybe your brain will short-circuit halfway through!

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