Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Biblical Deaths?
How Much Do You Know About Biblical Deaths?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

The Bible may be known as the Good Book, but that doesn't mean that a whole bunch of terrible things didn't happen in it - and a lot of those bad things resulted in an awful lot of dead people. Some of the deaths in the Bible are so numerous that all the deceased are not named, but others involve some of the most important characters. From heroes to villains to sidekicks to innocent bystanders, no one in the Bible is safe.

Sometimes Biblical deaths occur at the hand of God, whether you are the innocent firstborn of a sinner, a king who is turning his people away from the true God, or simply collateral involved in God proving a point about whether a particular city or country is full of bad guys. God also takes time to personally smite more than a few particularly deserving souls, sometimes using disease or something really nasty, and other times straight up delivering a lightning bolt or just death.

Other Biblical deaths take place at the end of a long, natural life, though these tend to be less remarked upon in the text. And yet others occur during the many battles, duels, and conquests of the Good Book's power struggles, as people do violence on each other often in the name of God. Let's see how well you remember which is which!

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