Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Boston?
How Much Do You Know About Boston?
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

Beantown may not be the biggest city in the USA (it is Bean "town" not Bean "city" after all) but it packs in a lot of American history. It was key in the Revolutionary War. Boston played a major part in the life of the American underworld. Some of the most intelligent people in the world live there, concentrating and expanding knowledge. And then there are the Boston Red Sox, one of the most storied sports franchises in the world.

Boston was around long before the USA existed, and it has managed to keep its local character despite all the change that has happened since its founding. Yes, it has public transportation, but it only allowed that once it was determined that the trains would not ruin the city's topography. Yes, it has office buildings, but the historical ones were protected. Boston is a combination of opposites, both aesthetic and intellectual.

This quiz will test your knowledge of several Bostonian subjects, from raw numbers, to historical figures, to local achievements, to trends that began in Boston and spread throughout the country and the world. Do you think you know Boston? It's time to take this quiz and find out! Let's go!

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