How much do you know about Britain's EastEnders?

In the U.K., on what station is "EastEnders" broadcast?

It is broadcast on BBC One. Reruns appear on other channels as well.

In what year did "EastEnders" begin?

In 1985 it got its start, and it's still going strong! How many other TV shows can boast of that?

Where is the show set?

It takes place in the East End of London, in the fictional town of Walford.

How long is one episode of "EastEnders"?

They are 30 minutes long, in the short comedy format. That means you can't ever get enough.

Why is "EastEnders" so popular?

"EastEnders" tackles issues that are often taboo for U.K. television, and that gives it its charm!

Walford is a mixture of which two locations​?

Tony Holland, co-creator of the show, was born in Walthamstow. Stratford simply blended with it well, to create a new name. It's a portmanteau.

When was the exterior of the set made?

Because the set looked so new, they had to distress it to make it look older!

How many scenes does "EastEnders" film each day?

That's a big schedule! They're just trying to pump it out!

What is true about the trains in the show?

Since 2010, all the trains are created through CGI. That saves a lot of money and hassle!

How many people have died on the show since its inception?

More than 100 folks have died on the show since it began. That's a lot of funerals!

What was "EastEnders" almost called?

It was almost called "Square Dance"? We're pretty happy that didn't happen!

Who was married to Cindy, Laura, Mel and Jane (twice)?

Ian Beale was married five times on the show. Phil Mitchell comes in second, with four different wives.

Which is true about the pumps in The Vic?

The have real beer, but the white wine is apple juice. That must be a fun show to work on!

Who almost played Bianca?

Baby Spice almost played Bianca! That would have been weird.

How long would it take to watch all the episodes in a state of constant viewing?

Are you up for the task? Seems pretty arduous, but that's 30 years of episodes!

How many characters were originally cast in the series?

There were 23 characters, and they had to cast them all in 14 days! That's a casting nightmare!

The "EastEnders" was first set in what era?

It was the time of Margaret Thatcher, and it was a complicated time, to say the least.

Which studio is the show filmed at?

Elstree is where the majority of the show is filmed. It's in Hertfordshire.

In what year was "EastEnders" broadcast live?

They had a live broadcast to honor the 25th anniversary.

What is the name of the public house in Albert Square?

In keeping with the Victoria and Albert theme, the public house is named after Victoria herself.

Since 2012, what has been the scene during the opening sequence of the show?

It's iconic, and we're happy when it greets us before each episode.

Where does the costume designer procure Dot Cotton's wardrobe?

Talk about second-hand! The costume designer was happy about this in terms of her budget, for sure.

Who is the last remaining original cast member?

He plays Ian Beale, and we're glad he's still around! The character is a businessman and a chef.

What was the fake post code of Albert Square?

The show took on this fictitious post code, but then it was used for real when Olympic Park was constructed! They created a whole new post code!

How many pairs of earrings did Pat Butcher have?

It was her signature look, and fans of the show actually sent her earrings through the post!

"EastEnders" is largely about what?

The show is largely about families, and being a part of a larger community.

What made "EastEnders" unique for its time?

EastEnders had a diverse cast of Black, Polish, Latvian, Turkish and Asian actors. Ahead of its time!

Who asked people if they had any real EastEnders on their books?

The creator, Julie Smith, called agencies and asked expressly for East End actors.

What does Dot Cotton wear each Christmas?

It's actually the most used piece of clothing in the wardrobe department.

When did the Queen and Prince Philip visit the Queen Vic?

Must have been a real honor. And she could even have had a real drink!

What's inside the exterior of the Queen Vic?

It's actually empty inside, except for the corner of a bar. The interior of the pub is on another set.

Who yells, “Get outta my pub”?

God bless actress Barbara Windsor. She's a show-stopper!

Who started all the fires at the Queen Vic?​

They were Grant and Phil, to be exact.

In terms of playing Peggy Mitchell, what is true about Barbara Windsor?

She was the fourth choice?! What would the show have been like without her?

Who is the longest-running female character on the show?

Gotta hand it to June Brown! That's a big acting job.

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