Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Car Myths?
How Much Do You Know About Car Myths?
By: John Miller
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Do you know what makes a Bugatti faster than a Prius, or why oil changes are an absolute must if you want your car to last? Wondering about the best way to improve efficiency, or how to ensure your car doesn't break down on the side of the highway and leave you stranded? Any idea what would really happen if you hid behind your vehicle if you were ever caught in a shootout? Find the answer to these and other vehicle questions with our ultimate car myths quiz!

Cars are a huge part of everyday life, especially in the U.S., where cities with insufficient public transit are spread across a 3,000-mile stretch of the continent. In fact, cars are such a big part of American life and culture that the average person spends around $9,000 a year on car payments, fuel and upkeep.

And yet, despite the fact that the car is such an integral part of life -- and budgets -- most people know surprisingly little about their vehicles or the auto industry in general. From speed and safety to fuel economy, history and maintenance, cars still come with plenty of mysteries for the average person, and myths and rumors about automobiles tend to spread much faster than the truth.

Consider yourself an automotive master? Take our quiz to see if you can separate car myth from fact!

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