Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Charles Darwin?
How Much Do You Know About Charles Darwin?
By: John Miller
Image: LearnDocs101

About This Quiz

In the span of human history, there are really only a few truly famous names in science, particularly in the past couple of centuries. Everyone has some background on Ivan Pavlov, Marie Curie, Carl Sagan, Albert Einstein and, of course, Neil deGrasse Tyson. In the 19th century, though, very few scientific minds had the kind of impact of Charles Darwin. In this quiz, do you think you really know anything about Darwin and his life of usurping the status quo?

Before Darwin came along, religion explained away many of the details of biology. God simply willed plants and animals into being, and that was that. In his youth, Darwin was a hardcore religious type who believed wholeheartedly in the teachings of the Bible. But then a funny thing happened – the young man got an up-close and violent look at the practice of human slavery … and for him, everything changed. How much do you know about Darwin’s concepts on life and how they changed during his formative experiences?

As a young man, Darwin jumped at the chance to embark on an amazing adventure, one that took him to the far reaches of the Earth. His explorations expanded his mind and honed his scientific procedures. What do you know about this famous scientist's travels?

Darwin combined his adventurous nature with an open mind, and he developed a whole new series of theories regarding the manner in which life develops and changes over time. 

Dig through the bones of this world-altering quiz! We’ll find out if you’re an evolved human … or whether you’re stuck in the Stone Age with the Neanderthals!

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