Quiz: How Much Do You Know About College Football's National Championship Teams?
How Much Do You Know About College Football's National Championship Teams?
By: John Miller
Image: Sports Central

About This Quiz

Each autumn in America, sports fans transform from listless zombies into rabid screaming lunatics, as college football kicks off across the land. Every spectator looks to the stars and wishes for just one shot at the ultimate prize – the national championship.

In our title game quiz, we’ll see if you really know anything about the teams that have won a national title. Can you name the team that’s earned more championships than any other? And do you know which universities have spent the big bucks and gotten almost no return on their pricey gridiron goofballs?

Did you know that the state of Nebraska has no professional sports teams… but that the state’s college football team has won five national titles? Can you name the QB that led them to the apex of the sport in 1995?

From the Big 10 to the Pac 12 and, of course, the SEC, college football packs stadiums from coast to coast every fall Saturday. Can you name the Midwest team that’s snagged the most trophies? And do you recall the Florida teams that have – and haven’t – taken home the biggest title in all of college sports?

If you think you know your BCS from your FBS, keep clicking. We’ll see if you can score touchdowns in our college football title quiz, or if you shank the PAT off the goalpost.

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