Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Diesel Engines?
How Much Do You Know About Diesel Engines?
By: Steven Symes
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To most people in North America, diesel engines are either something only used in pickup trucks, or they're loud, noisy, and kick out lots of smoke. But How much do you know about them?

Of course, in Europe, Asia, and other markets, diesel engines are popular in cars. With a diesel, you enjoy quite a few big benefits, like better fuel economy, improved reliability, and plenty of torque. It used to be that diesel was cheaper than gasoline, but that's changed in the past several years, thanks to an increase in demand for diesel in the United States and China.

Despite the whole Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal, diesel engines don't look like they're going out of fashion anytime soon. Of course, people who don't know that much about them might be perplexed by that fact. But if you understand how diesels work and why they in many ways boast superiorities, you likely already understand. The fact is that plenty of modern diesels don't spew out excessive emissions in their exhaust, thanks to innovations in catalytic converters, so they're not polluting like crazy. In other words, diesels will continue to be a factor in the vehicle market for some time.

Just how much do you know about oil burners? What makes them work? What are they used in? Test out your knowledge of diesel engines right now!

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