Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Drought-Friendly Gardening?
How Much Do You Know About Drought-Friendly Gardening?
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

Gardening is a very healthy and pleasant activity for people of any age. With modern tools being the way they are, you really don't need to be very mobile to be able to maintain a lovely garden. However. there are a lot of places where it is hard to predict how much water you're likely to get, whether from the ground or the sky, in any given season, and as the climate warms, this will only become a more serious problem.

Droughts don't just happen in places like California or Arizona. They also happen in rainy places, as technically a drought is just another word for, "Less rain than this area typically gets." A drought is thus something that any gardener should be prepared to tackle. After all, there is nothing more miserable than working your butt off to make your garden a haven for you and your family, only to have it shrivel up and turn into a miserable brown wasteland. That means knowing what plants to plant, how to conserve water, how to use shade wisely and what fertilizers and tools to use are all key to a successful drought-proof garden. Do you know how to do all that? Let's find out!

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We're going to start with soil and grass, as they are the baseline. What grass should you NOT put down for your drought-prone lawn?
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If you have a lawn, which of the below is best to do with the grass clippings?
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What organic covering might you use to keep your soil healthy?
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How can you help your soil breathe?
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Will a stone surface (patio, gravel, etc) help or hinder your garden in a drought?
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What's the number one natural predictor of soil moisture?
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What should a good drought-tolerant soil contain?
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We did the bad grass. Let's talk good grass. If you want a drought-friendly grassy area, what's a good choice?
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Time to talk about what else to plant besides grass! Which of these is a great drought-friendly flower that smells good?
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From what areas of the world might you find plants that will work?
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What do all these have in common: Grand Mesa, Scarlet Bugler, Prairie Jewels?
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Let's talk foliage. Which of these will offer a nice gray-green foliage AND handles drought well?
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Which of these orange or yellow flowers is great in a drought?
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Let's pick out a purple or blue flower that loves drought! Which of these fits the bill?
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Let's pick out perennials. Which of these is NOT great in a drought?
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How about some annuals? Which of these is NOT good in a drought?
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If you want a nice summer-to-winter bloom, which of these can handle the drought?
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Time to throw some shade. Which tree does NOT like drought?
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Which of these is the technical term for a plant that needs only a little water?
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What good is a garden without birds? What sort of birds might you see in your drought-prone garden?
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If you want to attract birds, where should you put the birdbath (other than, obviously, a place that cats can't reach)?
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Don't let drought stop you enjoying a vibrant kitchen garden. Which of these is a drought-tolerant veg you can grow in your garden?
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Which of these is a drought-tolerant vegetable?
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Which of these vegetables can also tolerate drought?
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Which of these veggies does NOT like drought?
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Now for some water-saving questions! Let's build a path. What is a permeable stepping stone?
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What's the best way to collect water in a barrel?
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What time of day should you water?
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What can steal water from your garden, and must thus be kept out?
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