Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Electricity?
How Much Do You Know About Electricity?
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

Electricity is a natural phenomenon that has been around since before life itself - and was likely key to the creation of life. It's rather like the Force from "Star Wars" - even when you can't see it, it's in all of your cells, affecting the physics of your body and the world outside of it. 

Electricity appears in the natural world as static, lightning, and more. It is also the fuel of the Industrial Revolution, where it took a society that warmed and lit itself using dirty and inefficient wood and coal and literally powered the transformation to a modern world.

Having electricity isn't just about being able to see. It's about keeping food and medication refrigerated; cooling a home in a dangerously hot climate; children being able to read and study after dark. These days, it's rapidly becoming the way you make your car move, and batteries are soon set to replace jet fuel in airplanes. 

As solar and wind power reach cost parity and begin to displace oil and natural gas - which have already pretty much killed off coal as a fuel source in the developed world - electricity is evolving and changing, and becoming cleaner, more efficient, and cheaper.

But how does it all work? What are watts, amps, joules, and ohms? What's alternating current and how is it unlike direct current? What's up with voltage drop? Let's see how much you know about this vital force behind our prosperous modern society, and we'll see whether a light bulb is going off over your head, or if there's more of a blackout.

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