Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Elizabeth I?
How Much Do You Know About Elizabeth I?
By: Annette
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She ruled a nation and left her mark on British history, but how much do you really know about Elizabeth I? The Virgin Queen has captured our imaginations for centuries. In this quiz, we're going to see how much you remember from your British history class. So put on your ruff and follow me to the mother country.

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In what year did Elizabeth first wear the crown?
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Who was Elizabeth's father?
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Which of these were nicknames for Elizabeth?
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Elizabeth was queen of __________.
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Who was Elizabeth's nemesis?
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Elizabeth married how many times?
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How many pairs of gloves did Elizabeth have?
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Elizabeth was the only English queen to do what?
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In what year was Elizabeth born?
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Who was Elizabeth's mother?
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Who was Elizabeth named after?
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How old was Elizabeth when she became queen?
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Elizabeth was which religion?
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Elizabeth covered her face with what?
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What was Elizabeth's favorite dress color?
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Did Elizabeth wear a wig?
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What did Elizabeth use as counsel?
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Who did the Cult of Elizabeth portray the queen as?
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Elizabeth was fluent in which language?
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What happened to Elizabeth's mother?
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What is true about Elizabeth and Mary Queen of Scots?
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Elizabeth wore a locket with whose picture?
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How did Elizabeth die?
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Where was Elizabeth imprisoned?
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Elizabeth's reign was known as what?
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Elizabeth liked to do what?
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How old was Elizabeth when she died?
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How long did Elizabeth reign?
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How many suitors did Elizabeth have?
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There were rumors that Elizabeth was which of these?
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Elizabeth was a great advocate of what?
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Elizabeth was good friends with whom?
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