Quiz: How Much Do You Know About England from King Henry VIII and Elizabeth I?
How Much Do You Know About England from King Henry VIII and Elizabeth I?
By: John Miller
Image: Historytube

About This Quiz

It’s good to be king, if just for a while, especially if you were one of the rulers of England during the Tudor period. In our royal quiz, we’ll see if you really know anything about the history of this Western world power, from the reign of Henry VIII to Elizabeth I.

Do you think you know much about the tumult of this long era of English history? Some of England’s kings were relative pacifists, others sought out the blood of their enemies… no matter the cost to his own nation. Do you think you know the primary foes of the English in days of yore?

And what of the queens? Elizabeth I is one of the best-known queens, but do you know her accomplishments? Sure, she’s regarded as a decent ruler, but she also got credit for feats of other people. Can you name them?

This period was a time of religious adversity, political intrigue and war. But it was also a time when the English people thrived. Pick up your scepter, cock your crown and see if you know the history from Henry VIII to Elizabeth I!

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