Quiz: How Much Do You Know About These Famous Composers?
How Much Do You Know About These Famous Composers?
By: John Miller
Image: Carl Schloesser

About This Quiz

From the Baroque era (1600 to 1750) to the Classical (1750-1820) and Romantic (1780-1910) periods, composers wrote some of the most famous music compositions in human history. Those pieces are anything but window dressing for public radio stations – they’re the inspiring songs that fill Hollywood blockbusters and inspire people around the world, generation after generation. In this lilting and powerful quiz, what do you really know about history’s great composers?

They were the architects of sweeping artistic creations. Ludwig van Beethoven composed “Symphony No. 5 In C Minor” in the early 1800s, and since then, it’s become one of the most-played pieces of music on Earth. Did you know that this incredible piece of work became an unofficial theme song of sorts for the Allies as they fought the Axis during World War II? It was nicknamed the “Victory Symphony.”

And of course, anyone with ears has heard Richard Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries.” It is one of the most powerful and ominous songs he ever wrote … and in recent decades it’s become strongly associated with scenes from the disturbing war movie “Apocalypse Now.”

Art music is still going strong! Dust off those piano keys and play your way through this famous composers quiz now!

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