Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Famous Military Pilots?
How Much Do You Know About Famous Military Pilots?
By: John Miller
Image: NASA

About This Quiz

On December 17, 1903, the Wright Brothers sent the first heavier-than-air aircraft floating into the skies of the East Coast. Their invention immediately caught the attention of militaries all over the world, and just a decade later warplanes played a major role in the First World War. The age of military aviators was born, and brave men – and women – stepped into the rickety cockpits to help their side win the fight. In our quiz, we’ll find out what you really know about famous military pilots!

Following the Great War, military aircraft evolved at a rapid clip, and so to did pilot training and tactics. From Germany, to France, to Britain, the United States, and beyond, air forces blossomed in numbers, arming pilots with newer, deadlier weapons. Do you know any of the experimental pilots who braved these speedy new machines?

Some military pilots became household names. Guys like Chuck Yeager and Neil Armstrong weren’t just jocks of the skies, they became well-regarded public figures with real political pull. How much do you know about these titans of the sky?

Women, too, were instrumental in battles, earning amazing air victories against men armed with bigger, better planes. What do you know about famous warrior women pilots?

This quiz will be a dogfight for the ages. Let’s see if you can survive the ack-ack and strafe your way to glory in our famous military pilots quiz!

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