Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Famous Military Units Throughout History?
How Much Do You Know About Famous Military Units Throughout History?
By: John Miller
Image: Pfc. R. Alan Mitchell, U.S. Army

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Throughout history, humans have resorted to violence to settle their disputes, and the dead are mostly forgotten in the ashes of war. But once in an while a special group of warriors make legacies that last for decades or even centuries. Do you know anything about famous military units?

If you’ve watched the movie “300” — and we know you have — you realize that a tiny group of Spartan warriors managed to hold off a huge Persian force at the of Battle of Thermopylae. Sure, all of the Spartans died, but they landed a permanent place in history and scored a Hollywood hit, to boot.

From the American Revolution through the World Wars to modern terror-fighting groups, a number of U.S. units have reached legendary status. Some of them fought for colonial independence, while others simply struggled for survival in the Second World War. Do you know the unit that barely withstood the Nazis at Bastogne?

The American Civil War was scattered with incredible troops, too. Some fought for the Union, others for the Confederacy. Do you know any of the famous units that battled, and died, during the War of Secession?

Whether the bloodshed and carnage fulfill political conquests or just help one nation survive another’s aggression, war’s heroes are legion. Grab your weapon of choice and do battle with our famous military units quiz now!

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