Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Famous Race Car Drivers?
How Much Do You Know About Famous Race Car Drivers?
By: Annette
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Some people have the need for speed, and for others, it's their calling. These race car drivers, from all across the globe, are the most famous and gifted in history. Can you remember who is who? Cozy up to some serious Talladega​ nights.

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What is Richard Petty's nickname?
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Who is "The Intimidator"?
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How many Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series has Jimmie Johnson won?
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Jeff Gordon drove #___ Chevrolet for Hendrick Motorsports.
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Who is second only to Petty?
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Cale Yarborough had how many wins in his career?
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Whose career-long feud with Earnhardt turned into heartbreak?
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Who owned the car that took Cale Yarborough and Darrell Waltrip to their Cup championships​?
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Who was the "Gentleman"?
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Who survived a near-fatal wreck at Pocono in 1988?
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What is the last name of brothers Rusty, Mike and Kenny?
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A.J. Foyt is famous for NASCAR and what other kind of racing?
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Rick Mears was scouted by which team owner?
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How long was Mario Andretti's career?
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Who is Mario Andretti's son?
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Edward Glenn "______" Roberts
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"Million Dollar Bill" _______ ?
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Tim Flock had a winning percentage of _____ ?
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Who was the 2009 NASCAR Nationwide Series champion and 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion?
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First three-time Cup winner in history.
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Texas Terry ______ ?
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Was Bobby Allison inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame?
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Who holds the most wins at Bristol Motor Speedway?
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Who came first, Jimie Johnson or Cale Yarborough?
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Jeff Gordon was originally known as what?
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Who climbed out of a destroyed car that had crashed into a tire barrier?
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Who is "Big Al"?
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Who has 10 straight Funny Car titles, spanning 1993 to 2002?
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______ is to drag racing what Richard Petty was to NASCAR.
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Who was one of the first ever female drag racers?
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Who was the first female NASCAR driver to win a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series pole?
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Which great American driver invented a useful flap?
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How many wins did David Pearson have?
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How many NASCAR wins did Richard Petty have?
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