Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Famous Royals in History?
How Much Do You Know About Famous Royals in History?
By: John Miller
Image: Carfax2

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Tom Petty sang that “it’s good to be king,” and throughout history, ascending to the throne as royalty meant that you were guaranteed an easy path in life. But things don’t always go the way of the crown. Wars, political strife, manipulation, bankruptcy and moral decay have a manner of catching up even to those who wield a scepter. What do you know about the history and drama of famous royalty?

In the 1400s, Henry V found himself at the helm of England during an era of great peace and stability. He even got a shoutout from none other than William Shakespeare. Do you know the other competent royal leaders of major nations?

Who could ever forget Princess Diana — or just “Di” — the luminous blonde of the ‘80s and ‘90s? She lived what seemed like a storybook life, marrying into a powerful family and producing two handsome sons for her very own Prince Charming. Then, her personal soap opera devolved into mental illness, heartbreak, divorce and death. How about that for a royal life?

In the late 1200s, King Edward I was a powerful king that no one dared to mess with. But he was a brilliant man, too, one who helped foster modern concepts of government. He also waged savage wars against his enemies. Do you know any other iconic royal leaders?

From Henry VIII to George III, history is full of imposing — or wilting — royal families. Take this kingly quiz now and see if you really know famous royalty!

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