Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Florida?
How Much Do You Know About Florida?
By: Zoe Samuel
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Florida is one of the most easily-recognized states on a map of the United States of America. It sticks out from the southeastern portion of the country in a shape that a naughty-minded person might find rather amusing. It's also one of the four biggest states in the USA, after New York, Texas, and California, as well as one of the most diverse. It's also one of the wettest, lowest, and least politically predictable states. It contains a very large, dense mega-urban conglomeration of towns, cities, and suburbs, as well as some of the most fragile, highly-protected, and beautiful national parks in the nation. Florida is also home to the absolutely enormous theme park - the largest in the world - known as DisneyWorld, the most magical place on Earth!

Florida's history is not very well known even by many Americans. From its Native American roots to its period as a Spanish colony to its later entry to the Union as a state, it is not entirely part of the Deep South, certainly not an original member of the thirteen colonies, and only amorphously part of the Southeast. It has its own culture, its own people, and its own story. How well do you know it?

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