Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Forestry?
How Much Do You Know About Forestry?
By: Heather Cahill
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About This Quiz

So, you know your trees, but do you know how to harvest them? That's what the world of forestry is all about! Not only is it about using the trees for certain purposes, but another important factor is to replace the trees that were cut down. If you think you know all about the world of forestry, then this is the quiz for you!

Do you know what gas trees convert CO2 into? Do you know what forestry gradings are used for? Do you know what defoliators are and what they do? As a forestry professional, it's important to know how trees work and what affects them. The fate of the forest is in your hands!

Do you know what machinery is used for forestry work? Can you name the term of measurement used for logs in forestry? Do you know what type of device is used for measuring trees? Forestry without tools could be a difficult task. It takes a lot of manual labor, but the tools make it that much easier!

So, think you know where to go when the tree is being felled? If you think you do, then take this quiz to prove that you know all about the world of forestry!

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What is the process of planting trees after cutting them down called?
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Before the use of large vehicles, what was forestry essential to?
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What can be used to help the growth of trees in a forest?
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Is it true or false that logs can be measured in cubic feet?
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If a forestry coworker asks for the "dib," what should you give them?
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What was invented that advanced forestry in 1918?
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What does it mean if a tree is "felled"?
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What is one way that a forest can be exterminated, but in a controlled manner?
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Is it true or false that wood can have knots?
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What is often used to monitor a wooded area?
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Which country has the largest forestry product trade in the world?
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What forest is one of the oldest examples of forestry?
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Is it true or false that "reserve" is a term that is used for a batch of freshly cut wood?
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What do trees convert CO2 to?
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Which of the following can be considered a goal of forestry?
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If the canopy is very full in a forest, what would it be called?
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To work in forestry, what should you be good at doing?
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Is it true or false that second-growth is the second time that a forest has grown after being harvested?
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What is used for putting chemicals on an area of small plants?
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What can deforestation cause in some areas?
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Is it true or false that a skidder is used to move cut wood?
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If a tree is mature, what is it ready for?
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What does a defoliator attack in order to kill a tree?
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What is used to grow trees on a specified lot?
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Is it true or false that timber marks are used to identify trees?
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What might you use to measure the height of a tree?
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Is it true or false that a windthrown tree was knocked over by the wind?
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