Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Gasoline?
How Much Do You Know About Gasoline?
By: John Miller
Image: pexels

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In some ways, it is the lifeblood of American society, powering millions upon millions of machines – particularly motor vehicles. It is gasoline, a fuel that’s necessary for the operation of a multitude of modern marvels. Without gas, our high-tech civilizations would quickly grind to a halt, in large part because no other fuel source can (currently) serve as an appropriate substitute. In this high-combustion quiz, what do you really know about gasoline?

Before the late 1800s, no one gave a whit about gas. It was a byproduct, a waste liquid that didn’t really have much practical use. But engineers began tinkering with gas-powered engines, including the kind that became central to motor vehicles. In a matter of years, gas had its rags-to-riches story, as the fuel became vital to the growth of the car industry. What do you recall about the history of gas during the proliferation of automobiles?

As cars became more and more common, scientists did further studies on gas, refining its chemistry to improve its performance. They began adding a specific type of substance … but it made the fuel incredibly toxic. Do you remember what that substance was?

These days, gas is a critical but controversial fuel, one that contributes to the greenhouse gases that cause global warming. Researchers and politicians are maneuvering to bring about a new age of fuels, but the revolution may yet take some time.

Burn through this high-octane quiz now! We’ll find out what you really know about gasoline!

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