Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Gatling, Gardner and Bira Guns?
How Much Do You Know about Gatling, Gardner and Bira Guns?
By: John Miller
Image: StraightShootingTalk

About This Quiz

When men went to war in the early 1800s, they often blasted each other at close range using muzzleloaders that fired at a rate of just a couple of rounds per minute. Often, the combatants gave up on shooting altogether, resorting to stabbing each other with bayonets. By the end of the century, the nature of warfare would be dramatically altered thanks to guns bearing the names of Gatling, Bira and Gardner. Do you think you can handle this high-speed firearms quiz?

Do you know anything about the technological advances of the earliest machine guns? And do you know how much these guns altered the course of battle? In many cases, the guns were set aside, either due to politics and corruption, or because generals were stuck in an antiquated mentality of warfare.

Can you name the men who tinkered with the designs of guns like the Bira? These machine guns were complicated pieces of equipment … so just one malformed part could cause the entire contraption to stop working. When these guns did work correctly, though, watch out – they could decimate entire platoons in seconds. Do you know anything about the firing rates of these savage machines?

In our early machine gun quiz, we’ll explore three of the most famous guns of the late 1800s. Some of these weapons were mere bystanders, while others helped shape modern combat as we now know it. Stand up to the withering firepower of our machine gun quiz now!

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