Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Greek and Roman Mythology?
How Much Do You Know About Greek and Roman Mythology?
By: Maria Trimarchi
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The Ancient Greek and Roman gods were not like our modern conception of deities. Instead of being all-powerful, all-knowing and all-loving, they were subject to the very same frailties that govern so many of our lives. They could be capricious and cruel, loving and loyal, and reckless and brash. They could inflict appalling damage on living and breathing humans just for a bet, to prove a point to a fellow deity, or simply because the mood struck them and they darn well felt like it. Unsurprisingly, this meant that a lot of people worshiped them very hard, because falling out of their favor could have absolutely dreadful consequences, and you didn't even have to wait until the afterlife to experience them.

All of this, of course, means that the Greek and Roman gods make for absolutely brilliant storytelling. Their tales have been told and retold for literally thousands of years. They have been used as the basis for everything from Homer's "Iliad" - the second story ever told (the first being "Gilgamesh") - to Neil Gaiman's TV show, "American Gods." 

Their tales have helped societies to process their problems, avoid mistakes and figure out who we want to be through examining our best and worst selves at their most powerful. This is why the gods continue to capture our imaginations - and of course, it's why you're surely so familiar that you're going to score full marks on this quiz!

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Arrow-shooting Cupid is the Roman god of love and beauty. Who is his equivalent in Greek mythology?
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According to Greek mythology, Gaia was the first goddess -- but what was the first thing to exist?
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Who was the king of all the Greek gods?
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Who retrieved the Golden Fleece from the mythical land of the Kingdom of Colchis?
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Which Roman god is the god of beginnings?
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What were the 12 major Roman deities -- six gods and six goddess -- known as?
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What's the name of the ancient Roman temple dedicated to the major deities?
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Where did the council of 12 Greek gods meet?
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Who were the "hounds" of Zeus?
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Who was condemned to push a boulder uphill, only to have to watch it roll back down?
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What type of animal did Zeus turn the king of Attica, Periphas, into, according to Greek mythology?
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According to its creation story, ancient Rome was founded by which pair of twins, who were also demi-gods?
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Dionysus, is the Greek god of wine. Who was his Roman equivalent?
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Who was the Greek god of the underworld?
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Who is the Greek god of travel and hospitality, and personal messenger to Zeus?
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All of the planets except one in our solar system get their names from Greek and Roman mythology. Which one doesn't?
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Which Roman god of light shares his name with his Greek god equivalent?
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How did the hero Perseus die, according to Greek mythology?
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According to Greek mythology, who are the Oneiroi?
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Which is not one of the Roman Triads?
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Zeus' son, Heracles, fought which deadly sea monster and won?
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What does the mythical monster Medusa have in place of hair?
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Who is the king of the Roman gods?
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In Greek mythology, Centaurus is known as the father of what mythological half-man, half-horse beasts?
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What is the name of the Roman goddess of luck, often depicted carrying the Horn of Plenty?
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Odysseus, king of the island of Ithaca, battled which sea monsters -- and made it out alive?
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What is the name of the ancient Roman festival honoring the god, Saturn?
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Which Greek goddess was considered the personification of victory?
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As a foursome, these prophetic Roman goddesses - Carmenta, Egeria, Antevotra, and Postvorta - were known as what?
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In Greek mythology, what is the name of the river that creates the border between the underworld and our mortal world?
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In both ancient Greek and ancient Roman mythology, who is known as the divine personification of the breeze?
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Greek mythology culminates with the Trojan War, fought between the ancient Greeks and what city?
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