Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Gunfighters of the Wild West?
How Much Do You Know About Gunfighters of the Wild West?
By: John Miller
Image: Wild West History

About This Quiz

The Old West wasn’t the violent bloodbath that Hollywood movies would have you believe. Law enforcement was sparse, though, meaning that many men and women armed themselves for self-protection. Once in a while, simmering feuds boiled over into fights that could only be settled with gunpowder, and lawmen stepped into the fray in hopes of keeping anarchy and mob rule at bay. What do you know about the gunfighters of the Wild West in this quiz?

It’s almost impossible to mention gunfighters without mentioning the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, a fight so famous that it gets capital letters in the same format as a battle or a war. There, four (sort of) law-abiding men confronted a group of outlaw cowboys … and that half a minute of gunfire still echoes around the world’s popular culture. Do you know the men who shot each other up that fateful day?

Unlike the movies, men who lived by the gun did — quite literally — die by the gun, too. For every killing of vengeance, or even justice, it seems that there was always another bullet to balance the scales. Do you know how the most famous lawmen and outlaws met their ends?

From the tragedy of Morgan Earp to the treachery of Robert Ford and the supposed heroics of Jesse James, guns and their bloody consequences created legends and lore unique to American (and world) history. Take our famous gunfighter quiz now!

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